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CD Cover: BarefootCD Cover: Barefoot Norwegen

barefoot standing in the spotlight
crowds are watching me
standing on flowers of nails
and needles like gras

i'm literaly naked, they are gazing into my eyes
do i have anything to say
i open up my mouth
"small human raise youre voice"

i hear sentences in the night
from a heart thats
broken - from a heart thats mine

i refuse to let my age deside
wether i am strong enough
i refuse to let their expectations kill
my love for them
here i stand, and i will stand like steel
but i bend my haed every morning
becouse: this not my own

i hear...

i hear sentences in the night
from a heart thats

i can see them smiling
but they loo around
and will turn away
i wish that they would come

Lady of my life
you say lady of my life
will you follow me
you say lady of my life
take my hand

how i enjoy every minute
that i spend with you
how i enjoy every word
that you have written
i somehow seem to forget
over and over
that you are there
but still

you say lady of my life
will you follow me
you say lady of my life
take my hand
you say lady of my life
you are everything
you say lady of my life
i love you

there have been days
there have been years
someone says it alwas will
there have been moments
even though that i'm still
young. i've built walls with happiness
built walls with pain
and with things beyond my understanding
but through all of this

you say...

i run along with my suspicion
we are hand in hand - smiling
kissing under trees and under stars
never let anybody into our house

i married my suspicion last year
we have been very happy every since
if you want to talk to me
talk to my suspicion first

i run along with my suspicion
i am sorry, i am not allowed to believe
i trust my suspicion no reason to go
behind the mask

i married...


i ran along with my suspicion
lately things have started to change
my heart has become cold and quiet
no one is calling, no one comes in

i call to ask for seperation
meybe it is better that we live apart
for some time
it's good to have some reservation
i think i may have crossed the
line, though..


Blue painting
philharmonic sounds surrounding her head
noise can't be turned off
nothing can come through to her
fingers playing the cello - loud and strong

shut her thoughts in caves of music
shut her tears in caves of sound
shut her fears in caves of solutions
they will come out

...smile to the doorway
smile to the lamp
smile to everyone except
the one who is smiling at you

steel ist soft compared to her stubborness
at least the stubborness of this kind
her face shows no sign of lightness
her face is cold and calm

smile to the...

-smile to everyone except
the one you painted blue
the one who died for you

Hidden poetry
she stole my sentence, stole my pen
i tried my best to get it back again
she hit me hard with a strong hand
i made a grin and left the land

i missed the train, i can't get home
got no more money on my phone
i sleep outside and here i'll stay
'couse once i'm here, wont go away

poetry written so noone
can hear
my nervous scream, my endless
my dream

all my words chosen carefully
will not stand in the way, will not jump
in the sea
where is the hope, where is the truth
(my answers are drowed in the name of my youth)
i press my nose against the floor
won't do it again - never done it before
my belly buttons starts to burn
the greates concern is what i earn


shake her hand
and leave her
take her tounge and say her words
society can't be explained
i'll leave it to the birds


Poison in my wine
there is poison in my wine
there is cold snow in my shoes
the are footpoints on my window frame
-the dog is loose

i scream but i can't hear a word
i cry -my eyes are filled
my toes are fake
my legs are thin
i'll never win

invain i try to compose
the greatest symphony

the crowd who point their fingers
the crowd who i hear laugh
are making my knees shiver
are making my hands week
there is one little star on the sky
when i sleep i can hear somebody cry

alone i can do nothing, alone i stand alone

The last waltz
i cry while i leave the house
pictures are staring at me
and they call me a trader
i bend my head and i take my bags

my mother an father are sleeping
next door, my sisters and brothers
would laugh at me if i told them
the reason i have to escape like this

all that i leave behind
all the things i know i'll miss
but this so very important to me
but this so very important to me

he has been waiting for me in the shadows
i can see his face is relieved when i come
he'd take my bags and he'd take my hand
i'd turn my head and i'd look behind
i know i will never go back

The stones will cry
if i'm still the stones will cry
if i'm still the trees will clap their hands
if i'm still the mountains will roar

if i'm still the ocean will wisper
if i'm still the houses will cry out
instead of me

who can hide a secret revield
who can stop a running fire
like a deer thirsting for water
i long for more of you

18 degrees
from side to side
can't get no sleep
the musik just annoyes
sentences on repeat

standing between the cold
and the warm
opens and closes his eyes
standing between the dark
and the light
grey an 18 degrees

wakes up but doesn't know if
he slept
opens his eyes but doesn't know if
they were closed
got a message on his answering machine
nobody's home
no his not home

...I once heard a boy...
i once heard a boy who said "god is asleep"
i ripped off my clothes and i started to weep
as i cried out and yelled and i stamped my feet
to wake him up

i once heard a girl who said that "god is dead"
my soul started shaking -and so did my head
and i could not protest becouse i lost my voice
and my world started to rumble

i went to the doctor, i went to the schrink
they gave me some pills, and they told me to think
thay suggested to me that i'd lay down an rest
it would pass in year -maybe two

well, i ran to the mountains, i climbed to the top
the wind started blowing and lifted me up
as i flew over the city i heard that my name
was spoken tenderly

i went...

i once heard a boy who said "god is asleep"
i ripped of my clothes and i started to weep
how to tell them about my believe?

Before she goes to bed
she's tired
just speaking with her eyes
before she goes to bed
not up some long conservation
her feet's a bit cold
her smile -a bit old

has not been eating fot a while
has not been drinking
it's like she's captured in her body
she just longs to get out
someday just run
run - without thinking of her breath

she just longs to let her thoughts fly
and run with her white long dress
through long fields
-brown and wild
like a child
like them

The last page
the girl writes on the last page
and the pencil is nearly dry
there can't be no mistakes
'couse these words will be final
he's been waiting for a letter for days
the inspiration is gone, the wind flew away
all the trees that once were green
are all ready for bed

all the greats symphonies, all the great poems and books
they've been sung, they've been said, they've been written
and they have been read
close you eyes fold your hands i can see you are tired
let him wait just another day more
he won't die, he won't cry -still the night may be sad
but it's better with nothing than bad

the sun flirts with the ocean
and soon a whole new day will rise
smile to the paper, lay down your hand
i am sure he will understand
lick the envelope, put a stamp on the corner
i promise you that it wont be long
before the letter ist

...all the great...

Arie for my king
violin play my song
these notes are made of tones
candle burn my flame
this fire is made of water
my eyes are now dry to see
the road a head of me

ocean play my scream
these notes are made of cream
i have searched to find answers
ocean play my yell
my throat is now clear to sing
an arie for my king