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In the deep

Sally Song
diving deep into the deep blue emotions
trying to swim my way back to the shore
where i used to dance before
i cannot quite recal what led me here
it is all a blur, it's all to near
i hope time will make it clear

oh, won't you come o sally
won't you take me down
into the morning valley
to the break of dawn,
oh, won't you sing o sally
through the winter storms
call on my name and tell me
that there's still hope for drunken souls

the water is muddy, my vision unclear
and my mixed emotions are making it hard to steer
to drown is my biggest fear
there's wind from the east, and breeze from the south
my compass is spinning, i am drifting further out
my voice is too weak to shout

somewhere along the way i lost all courage to stand up for something
while i swim i start to sing,
my voice is low, it's more like humming

oh, won't you come o sally(...)

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